Life's Healing Journey - 9 Day Guided Retreat


Life's Healing Journey - 9 Day Guided Retreat 
Accompanied and Presented by the Retreat Team   

Please note that this is an intensive healing retreat. As such, there is a detailed application process involved and this can take some time. It is advised that you begin your application as soon as possible before the advertised dates so that your place in the retreat can be considered and  approved in good time. This is especially the case if you are travelling from overseas. 

Life's Healing Journey is a silent retreat, which draws on the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. Any hurtful life experience, loss or painful memory can be brought for healing and transformation through the grace and power of God. There is no hurtful or limiting experience of ours that cannot be shared with Jesus. This retreat is a powerful experience that taps into Elizabeth Kubler Ross's stages of grieving and assists participants to deal with pains, hurts and losses from their past. 

"Transformation takes place when we befriend all the hurts of life so far." (Sebastian Moore) 

This Retreat is a blend of daily input sessions, daily meetings with a Prayer Companion, daily celebrations of Eucharist and celebrations of Anointing and Reconciliation. 

Many who have experienced this retreat have found it life changing and a path to freedom to live from their true self, which is who God created us to be. 

The retreat commences with a 5.40pm welcome and orientation on the first date and concludes with a 1.45pm Eucharist on the final date.

Cost: 9 Days : $1305 including Life's Healing Journey Book

Non Refundable Deposit $50

Retreatants need to complete the full 9 Days. 

For further details and application forms, contact: 

The Administrator 

St Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre 

PO Box 19A 

Douglas Park 2569 

Ph. 02 4630 0233 

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