Peaceful Living - 8 Day Guided Retreat


Peaceful Living - 8 Day Guided Retreat

(options for shorter stays are available)

Presented by: Retreat Team

Topics for reflection: 

Introduction: Make me a channel of your Peace 
- I have told you this, so that you may find peace in me. Jn 16:33 

Day 1 Jesus’ Peace - My Peace I give you Jn 14:27 

Day 2 Jesus’ Peace in our Hearts - A way of living in prayer 

Day 3 Guarding the Heart - what robs us of peace 

Day 4 I have not come to bring peace but the sword. Mt 10:34 

Day 5 Peace of the Resurrection - Peace includes suffering 

Day 6 Prayer of Peace - Fruits of the Spirit 

Day 7 Simplicity of Peace - Keep your eyes on Jesus 

Day 8 Peaceful Living - Be thankful! 

Commences with a 5.40pm welcome and orientation on the first date and concludes with a 1.45pm Eucharist on the final date.

Cost: 8 Days $1160

Weekend $190 

Non Refundable Deposit $50

For further details and application forms, contact: 
The Administrator 

St Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre 

PO Box 19A 

Douglas Park 2569 

Ph. 02 4630 0233 

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