Spiritual Accompaniment

Any retreat is time spent with your God in profound silence, interiority and stillness. During your retreat, the Retreat Team is available to accompany you if you so wish. Traditionally, this has been called spiritual direction, but we prefer the terms “spiritual accompaniment” and “prayer companion” as these catch more accurately the essence of true spiritual direction. The companion listens with you to the true ‘director’ who is God. In the company of a skilled and trained companion, you will learn to discern better the movements of God in your prayer and daily experiences.

There will be times when a prayer companion may actually advise you, “direct” you, in that trusting sense. But perhaps the most immediate value of prayer companionship is the opportunity it provides for you to articulate your inner experience to another human being, who, in their attentiveness, provides a mirror for you to see with greater insight and deeper awareness.

An integral part of the prayer companion’s ministry is prayer for those who come on retreat. Your prayer companion does pray for you on your journey and in fact the Retreat Team itself spends time each day praying together for those on retreat. In this way they share in the retreat and open themselves to the movement of God in their own ministry and lives together. All prayer companions themselves receive regular accompaniment and supervision as part of their professional approach to this ministry

Members of the team are also available for ongoing spiritual direction and supervision of spiritual directors.

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