Directed Retreat and Guided Retreat: Song of Songs ... Living the Song - Pauline Compton fdnsc


Guided Retreat - 8 Day: Song of Songs ... Living the Song  

Presenter: Pauline Compton fdnsc

During this retreat we will explore our deepest longings and the journey of the human soul along the path of love to mystical union with God. 

The double movement of the experience of Christ’s presence followed by an absence, that increases the soul’s desire, forms the pattern in the text of the Song.  

Directed Retreat - 8 Day

(options for shorter stays are available)

A Directed retreat is a time spent in silence with your God. The title can be misleading because it may give the impression that a retreatant will be told what to do during the retreat by someone accompanying them. In fact it is a time when God takes me where I am in my personal relationship with Him and leads me deeper into intimacy with Him.

A Spiritual Director (sometimes called a Prayer Companion) will support you to be sensitive to what God is doing and encourage you to follow God’s promptings. A Directed Retreat is usually eight days.

It is a time of profound silence, interiority and stillness.

Cost for either retreat: 8 Days $1160

Non Refundable Deposit: $50

For further details and application forms, contact:

The Administrator

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Ph. 02 4630 0233

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