Whatever Lord

She said “Whatever, Lord”
And found peace…
Can I say “Whatever, Lord”
And really mean it?

I am fearful of the whatever’s…
What can be,
What might be,
What could be…

I pray for healing,
For relief of pain,
To be able to stand upright
And do what needs be done!

Can I accept whatever comes?
Can I trust so fully
That the Lord will hold me
In the palm of his hand?

“Come my little one,
Let me hold you near,
Let me take your pain,
Your anxiety and fear.

“My peace I leave with you instead
And I will give you faith and hope
And the strength to endure
“Whatever comes’ “.

I give you my “whatever, Lord”
Though I’m not sure how sincere…
I believe in your love and faithfulness
“Strong and Constant is Your Love”.

Trish Coleman

Inspired by Barbara Johnson’s
“So, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy”.


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